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We do not use Craigs List
or newspaper ads for hiring.
we only use Certified Employment Recruiters
Frequently Asked Questions:

What can be placed on the photo id?
A Patch, Badge, Logo, State Seal, Vehicle, Building and more. If it can be photographed chances are we can place it on the card. All items will be returned to you, unless they were e-mailed.

Can we use Watermarks or Ghosted Images?
Yes, we can do this for you at no additional charge. A patch, badge, state seal, vehicles, building, or company logo can be watermarked in the background of your photo id card with out interfering with the printed text.

Can you put Authorized Signatures on the card?
Yes, Many private companies, fire department chief and EMS administrators require their signature on the id. When we do this there is no additional charge for the same signature to appear on each card.

Are we locked into a certain design?
No Keystone Photo Imaging specializes in custom identification cards so that your company, fire department, school, Ambulance service, or organization has a design unique to you.

How do we send you our Photos?
You can send your photos E-mail, zip, floppy, or CD. If you do not have a digital camera available send us developed photos taken from a regular camera and we will scan them for you, at no extra charge. Your photos and any other method you use to send us your photos will be returned.

How do we take the picture?
Take the picture facing forward, looking directly at the camera. Stand approximately 4 to 5 feet away and center the photo form the center of the chest up. We prefer that you do not crop the photo, we will do that in our office for you.

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